The making of the movie 'Arranging, Moving, Rotating, Packing' - a sequential 3d scanned movie based on poses of classical sculptures and a packing algorithm.

The scanning for this specific movie is done with a process called photogrammetry. This process can create a 3d file out of photos of the 'object' seen from different angels.

For this specific sequential 3d movie we created a stop motion sequence consisting of 8 poses and their trajectory - which was translated in a total of 200 steps. This was being recorded again by a 3d scanner that consisted out of 128 dslr camera's. This resulted in a database of 25.600 images that created the 3d movie.

HD video, dimensions variable
20 minutes

Dancers: Vera Goetzee, João Dinis Pinho, Daniel Barkan, Patrick Schmatzer
Choreography: Marjolein Vogels
Coding: Ahmed Magdy, Anton Bakhirev, Michael Fogleman
Technique: Th3rd
Music: Machinefabriek

With the support of: Mondriaanfonds, AFK, Stichting Stokroos, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds"