What characteristics define whether a news-photo is successful or not? Amsterdam based visual artist Coralie Vogelaar in collaboration with choreographer Marjolein Vogels created a performance exploring the underlying compositional patterns of popular news imagery. Hereby recognizable images and compositions of protests, riots and victim scene's are analysed, deconstructed, decomposed and performed by five dancers.

Performance, 22 minutes, 5 dancers, theater lights, sound

Visual artist: Coralie Vogelaar
Choreography: Marjolein Vogels
Dance: Emile Boer, Ashley Ho Yuhan, Lív Smáradóttir, Fons Dhossche en Iannes Brylant
sounds: Rutger Zuydervelt

Made Possible by:
Noorderlicht Festival
Creative Industries Fund. NL

Performance at Veem House for Performance

video: Patricia Werneck Ribas
complete video registration available on request