Multi Gesture Gym


Multi-Gesture Gym, 2023. Photo at Whitebox New York

A surreal device is created by combining elements from ten different fitness apparatuses. This sculpture is activated through performance, whereby a choreography of deconstructed, seemingly pointless, and absurd movements are combined with elements of prescribed rules and instructions and moments of improvisation.

This work is inspired by our technology-driven era, where devices compel us to adhere to specific gestures and behaviors, blurring the distinction between human agency and machine compliance. From automated soap dispensers, body scan devices and fitness apparatuses, these gestures can carry connotations and emotions, creating a sense of existing within an expansive machinery governed by predefined rules. Initially appearing absurd, these gestures gradually become ingrained as we adapt, merging seamlessly into our daily routines and pushing the boundaries of our humanity.

Made possible by Mondriaan Fund, ISCP New York and Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds 

deconstructed and re-assembled fitness devices, kinesiology tape, vinyl stickering. 96 inch height.

Multi-Gesture Gym, (detail) 2023 . Photo at Whitebox New York

Multi-Gesture Gym, 2023. Photo at ISCP Summer Open House, New York.

Multi-Gesture Gym (Performance) 2023. Photo at Opening Whitebox New York