Cardiac Biofeedback Measurement #1 & #2


The interactive installations Cardiac Biofeedback Measurement #1, #2 (2022), by Amsterdam-based artist Coralie Vogelaar, deals with the urge to control our bodies, the uncontrollability of the conditions that influence how we feel, and the data systems that analyze our well-being. Visitors are invited to place a sensor on their ears and to listen to their own heart beat. The heart rate variability – the time between each heartbeat and influenced by many factors that are physiological, psychological and sensorial – is converted into sound on ceramics. Proposing an atmosphere of a test environment, Vogelaar shows us how our state of mind is complex and influenced by many factors including the observers bias.

Interactive audio installation, porcelain, motor, ear sensor, foam panel, bended aluminium, led panel

Interaction sensors: Kees Reedijk
Ceramics: Europees Keramisch Werkcentrum (EKWC)
Research: TU/e Innovation Space, Louis Bonnaire

Installation view: Tanja Wagner Gallery, Berlin