Arranging, Moving, Rotating, Packing (Live)


A bin-packing algorithm – normally used for the transport or 3d printing industry – is used on a dataset of classical sculptures. This algorithm can calculate the optimal – occupying as less space as possible – packaging of irregular objects in a container.

From this, a selection of the results are translated in a choreography for four dancers – designed in collaboration with choreographer Marjolein Vogels - performed live. Sound is created with the help of two Kinect depth scanners that are triggered by the movements of the dancers.

performance. 2 Kinect sensors, 2 NUC computers, 2 7-inch screens, 2 wireless keyboards, 4 tripods, 4 NBL sound boxes. Tape. Four dancers.
20 minutes

Dancers: Vera Goetzee, João Dinis Pinho, Suzanne de Bekker, Daniel Barkan, Patrick Schmatzer (and Marjolein Vogels)
Choreography: Marjolein Vogels
Coding: Ahmed Magdy, Anton Bakhirev, Michael Fogleman
Technique: Jovan Maksimović
Music: Machinefabriek

With the support of: Mondriaanfonds, AFK, Stichting Stokroos, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds